My Pet Dragon aims to raise the roof on an arena near you.
"Majestic Lovers", the band’s wise choice lead single, is chimey anthemics — and that’s this band’s sweet spot. Equally soaring, "Love Anthem" takes the guys into Muse/Coldplay/Temper Trap, even Linkin Park alt arena territory, “Crystal Ball” is pretty and driving, & “Lover in Hiding” recalls Bono & Co. circa Atomic Bomb. Which is not to say they don’t throw a few curve balls. The retro bounce of “Darling”, the rollicking "Moonshine" and the wistful, acoustic "Siren" are nice departures. Still, this is big, audacious & brimming with hooks. Considering that’s only kind of rock that gets the big boys to notice anymore, do not be surprised if you’re hearing more from and about My Pet Dragon, and soon.
-- John Norris (Noisevox, ex-MTV News)

Against the faded flags of many Brooklyn outfits, My Pet Dragon stands out sharply. The group moves away from the roughed-up sounds of its noisier contemporaries, favoring a more highly refined approach that recalls the anthem hits of U2. “Our desire is to follow our own muse and make the music we want to make,” explains frontman Todd Michaelsen, “not based upon any current music scene.”
-- Sonicbids Spotlight // Interview for 2011 CMJ Music Marathon

Discover the Undiscovered: My Pet Dragon
--Filter Magazine

‎"As U2 and Muse are already packing stadiums around the world... it’s really only a matter of time before My Pet Dragon is doing the same. Thanks to Todd Michaelsen and his musical compadres, they’ve already got the hooks and chutzpah to make it happen. Now all they need is opportunity to knock on the door."
-- Roll Magazine

 "Brooklyn-based band My Pet Dragon just released their new album, Mountains and Cities on Gimme That Sound Productions– and it’s a winner. Already receiving rave reviews, Mountains and Cities is your – drive down the coast, wind blowing your hair, destination unknown – kind of album."
--Republic of Brown

 "the ideal soundtrack for that cross-country, convertible drive under Augusts’ everlasting sunshine"
--The Deli NYC

"A band to keep your eye on in 2011.... MPD’s music has influences which range from U2 to mid-80s electro pop...
in addition, backup singer Reena Shah’s Indian dancing keeps the band visually exciting."
-- Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn

 "This is music to play while celebrating private victories over personal demons. This is music to play while you dance around your apartment wearing tube socks and a tank top, singing into the handle of your hair brush...........
These are really well crafted and produced pop songs that are somehow not just pop songs, but something soaring beyond. It’s hard to pick out favourite tracks; every song on this album is clearly a work of art and an act of love, and every song feels like my favourite when it starts to play."
-- HaveMatWillTravel

"The band [My Pet Dragon] gives off a fresh sound that is much needed in music today."
--Savvy University

"Hazy, Flaming Lips-Esque ethereal tunes highlighted by a melodic tenor"
-- CMJ

“My Pet Dragon plays well-crafted alt-rock and vocalist/songwriter Todd Michaelsen has a tenor voice
that falls somewhere between Thom Yorke & Muse's Matthew Bellamy."
-- Brooklyn Rocks

"sweeping, epic grandeur, part 90s British anthem band, part shoegaze and whichever way they turned, completely psychedelic. Frontman/guitarist Todd Michaelsen’s voice functions as an instrument....Michaelsen has a vocal range that would make Thom Yorke jealous” ...."vocalist/dancer Reena Shah would judiciously pick her spots to echo or play off Michaelsen’s soaring wail when she wasn’t moving around her corner of the stage with a grace that was as trance-inducing as the music."
--Lucid Culture

“Todd Michaelsen's voice shines!”
-- Southside on the Town

“Four years after My Pet Dragon's first album they bring the music home in waves of pure rock pleasure.”
-- Rock NYC

"When I first heard "Lover in Hiding," I felt like I was breathing a breath of mountain fresh air. Within seconds I knew I wasn't going to be reviewing another alternative rock band.....Their sound is new and unique, combining synthesizers and guitars and making it sound good is no easy task but yet something they have mastered....He seems to have no limits to his vocal range and his lyrics really struck a chord"
--The Tower (Kean University's Student Newspaper)

"Never have I been so moved and absorbed by a male vocalist. It’s not only his soaring range but the sheer warmth you feel when you’re listening to him, sets him right apart from any other singer..........My Pet Dragon has this beautiful feel good vibe, charming listeners with expressive lyrics and illustrious melodies – like giving your ears a hot bubble bath"
-- Indian E-Music

"Floating waves of dizzying guitar along with a vibrant drum section comprises much of My Pet Dragon’s five-song EP, Lover in Hiding and the follow-up EP, Flow. Lead singer Todd Michaelsen’s voice is effortless, melodiously, and emotive as each song is catchy and written with an engaging, forward-thinking passion. Both albums solicit excitement that easily appeals to mainstream audiences, those only seeking out indie rock vibes or even only animated dance music with the foundation of a neo-rock outfit. Both EPs are undeniably successes.

The fiery rock jams dip and dive, with bass guitar against shuffling up-tempo drums, is stellar. “Between Us” is a syrupy ode to the spiritual energy and force of love, while “New Nation” captures a feeling of optimism relating to a shift of a higher-arching era of new politics hinged on unity and evolution toward a greater humanistic good with the lyrics, “a new nation rises tonight from the ashes of paradise.” The cover of Pearl Jam’s 1991 Release builds with amazing fortitude and gleeful devastation of a building ocean wave. Surfable guitar riffs, a steady drive of drums and Michaelsen’s vocals twist into the emotional capacity of a spiritual in which the transcendence is exhilarating."
-- Short and Sweet NYC

"wow this band better be awesome with a name like that..... They didn’t disappoint me....they definitely have the potential to be an awesome dance/indie rock band. I was charmed instantly with their indie rock/electronic combination"
-- Static Media

"Reena Shah, who provided dreamy background vocals and is striking dancer at their live shows, they have succeeded once more in bridging the gap between indie rock and the dance floor."
-- Here Comes The Flood

"WOW after listening carefully to the gentle rhythms of melodic music which will this sense of psychedelic groove happening between your ears sounds so magical as the energy comfortably flows through you while dancing to the calming sound ...there aren't many words to describe how this song rocked SouthSide's earplugs....Plus as an added bonus, take a listen to their B-side cover of Pearl Jam's Release - it's awesome My Pet Dragon's take on this song by substituting the hard guitar rock sound for a flowing ...meditative mood music ...very calming with the orchestrative sounds and vocals. Ah ...what a rush, blogspot readers, perfect song to listen after a long hard workday."
-- Southside's Playlist

"Todd erupts with his frenetic guitar and soaring vocals"
"Todd’s vocal range is at once immense and intense"
"With MPD’s eclectic mix of styles and discerning lyrics, ‘Lover in Hiding’ is an excellent primer to their full length album"
-- Music Aloud

“I can’t help but think of 80s dance tunes when I hear “Between Us,” not the cheesy ones, the good stuff
that has stood the test of time. And then, effortlessly, Todd Michaelsen switches gears with “New Nation”
and takes us on a folk song journey, equally beautiful as all the other tracks.”
-- Love Shack Baby

“...they once more succeed in bridging the gap between indie rock and the dance floor.”
“While Michaelsen is blessed with a wide vocal range, his wife Reena adds the flow and rhythms she
perfected while working as an Indian dancer.”
-- Here Comes The Flood

“Fans of atmospheric pop with just the right amount of grit will want to take note.”
-- Bill’s Music Forum

"The energy literally flows as it thunders towards to the end, leaving the listener wonder if he was actually at a live pub-gig raucously singing along with the rest of the patrons."
-- Music Aloud

"if you're a fan of the band, you're in for a treat......
I don't know if they've listened to a lot of early Cure or Siouxie, but that's what comes to mind for me, musically.
Being that I'm a big fan of those, I'm anxiously awaiting My Pet Dragon's first full length...."
-- DeadBilly's Steaming Pile of Vinyl

"Flow" is a modern pop confection.... reminiscent of Arcade Fire.
Singer Todd Michaelsen's sensual crooning is echoed by wife Reena Shah's dream pop backing vocals"
-- Hostage Radio

"My Pet Dragon's 'First Born' gets 5 out of 5 stars"

"Michaelsen possesses an effortlessly powerful voice and plays ethereal Fripp-like guitar on Between Us -- and you can guess the album will have wide appeal as it touches on slightly exotic elements and has a clear, soulful pop-rock sound."
-- Elsewhere

"I had heard some buzz about My Pet Dragon over the past few months...
I finally (saw them live and ) was quite impressed with the band."
-- Now I've Heard Everything

"Su música suena un poco a Coldplay, un poco a Radiohead, un poco a The Posies…"
-- The Janglebox

"a stellar cover of... Pearl Jam's most ethereal song "Release."
"Take an obscure band and have them record a deep cut from Pearl Jam's debut. Strangely it works."
-- Snob's Music Best of 2010: Cover Songs: on My Pet Dragon cover of Pearl Jam's "Release"

“With such a unique name..., I didn’t know what [to] expect...when I saw this 5-piece band from Brooklyn, NY.
Opening up with “Majestic Lovers,” I immediately felt a very peaceful and relaxed vibe from [My Pet Dragon].
I was also very impressed by Reena Shah’s dancing.”
-- Star Beat Music