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Out of 16,000 songs, My Pet Dragon's "Moonshine" has been selected as a Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.  Judges include Tori Amos, Tom Waits, and Robert Smith (The Cure).  There is also a People's Voice Category in which you can vote for "Moonshine" HERE on Facebook.
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My Pet Dragon's song "Love Anthem" will be part of Music for Occupy's Compilation Album which includes other artists Yoko Ono, Tom Morello, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Devo, Yo La Tengo, 3rd Eye Blind, Crosy & Nash, Warren Haynes, and more. The record will benefit the Occupy Wall St. Movement and is due to be released in the spring of 2012 and was mentioned in Rolling Stone.

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MPD's "Moonshine" Official Video


"if you remember a time when rock music on the radio was GOOD – My Pet Dragon is your band."

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 "As U2 and Muse are already packing stadiums around the world... it’s really only a matter of time before My Pet Dragon is doing the same. Thanks to Todd Michaelsen and his musical compadres, they’ve already got the hooks and chutzpah to make it happen. Now all they need is opportunity to knock on the door."

Roll Magazine

My Pet Dragon aims to raise the roof on an arena near you.
"Majestic Lovers", the band’s wise choice lead single, is chimey anthemics — and that’s this band’s sweet spot. Equally soaring, "Love Anthem" takes the guys into Muse/Coldplay/Temper Trap, even Linkin Park alt arena territory, “Crystal Ball” is pretty and driving, & “Lover in Hiding” recalls Bono & Co. circa Atomic Bomb. Which is not to say they don’t throw a few curve balls. The retro bounce of “Darling”, the rollicking "Moonshine" and the wistful, acoustic "Siren" are nice departures. Still, this is big, audacious & brimming with hooks. Considering that’s only kind of rock that gets the big boys to notice anymore, do not be surprised if you’re hearing more from and about My Pet Dragon, and soon.
-- John Norris (Noisevox, ex-MTV News)

"the ideal soundtrack for that cross-country, convertible drive under Augusts’ everlasting sunshine"

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MPD featured in Filter Magazine


My Pet Dragon as been featured in Filter Magazine's "Discover the Undiscovered".
Read the article and interview here.

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My pet dragonmountains and cities
 You can order/download the new MY PET DRAGON album